Our Organization...
Is made up of individuals with extensive knowledge, education and experience in distribution. We are able to provide distributors of all sizes, industries and backgrounds the basis for achieving success: a basis of practical solutions to grow and improve the bottom line, grow sales and improve service and customer retention.

Our Approach...
Involves tailoring the best practices in distribution to the specific needs of our clients. Our working philosophy revolves around building a strong and self-maintaining infrastructure by developing a working plan based on processes and procedures, education and understanding, implementation of tools and technology; and through communication, organizational structure and team environments.

We are a proven company that services the distribution world. We offer many services in the areas of inventory management and return, operational efficiency and improvement, warehouse setup and efficiency, system understanding and utilization, personnel understanding and education, and improved processes and procedures. In addition, our services focus on the overall objectives of bottom line improvement, customer retention as well as being able to sustain and gain growth.

Many of our customers are doing well when they contact us for assistance; they just need some review, suggestions and improvements. But also many other companies that contact us really have a turn around to perform. Our objective is whatever works best for each customer.

It is very encouraging to see that distributors are beginning to understand that customer service, efficiency, education, technology, and change is crucial for a distributor’s survival in this very competitive and changing market. We emphasize that a company must address four key areas to be successful in today’s world:

Distributors are starting to realize this in the operations, logistics, and inventory management side of the business. If we don’t support our sales team and customers, we won’t retain our customers for long. It all really comes down to “How do we grow and maximize our bottom line, and not drive our customers away doing it?”

For example, take a look at inventory management. The real objectives of any inventory management system are to maintain/increase the customer base (great customer service), maintain/increase the bottom line (great inventory profitability/turns) and do it all as efficiently as possible. It has not been a problem to increase both customer service and inventory profitability while improving efficiency with all the companies we have worked with that take the time and effort to implement these practices properly.

Our goal is to increase inventory turns and profitability without sacrificing but improving customer service, and to confirm that customer service is where it should be. We always discuss customer service, turns, GMROI, T&E, excess inventory and operational efficiency as part of the process.

Overall, the goals are to improve customer service and retention, improve the bottom line through technology, efficiency, and good asset management, and to support and sustain the growth of the company.

Most of our customers recover all of their valuable investment in increased sales and savings within the first 6-12 months of implementation. For many companies just with picking up the lost business, the bottom line contribution can be anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 in just the first year, not to mention all the other savings and the increased sales that these companies realize. The complaint we most often hear from our customers is “We wish we did this five years ago!”

Combined, we have over 25 years of practical, hands-on experience with sound operations, warehousing, inventory management and systems utilization. Our formal education with distribution and inventory management and practical work experience coupled with our systems and technological experience and understanding gives us the unique ability to fill your complete needs and offer real world working solutions.
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